National 5 Maths – An Introduction to Functions

A short video tutorial giving an introduction to function notation and showing how to calculate an output value given an input value and vice versa.


Higher After School Maths

Each week at the after school supported study class  I will try to prepare a worksheet with selection of Past Paper Questions.

I will post these on the blog, along with full solutions. Here are the sheets from the first few weeks.

Week 1                 Higher After School 1             Higher After School 1 Answers

Week 2                 Higher After School 2             Higher After School 2 Answers

Week 3                 Higher After School 3             Higher After School 3 Answers

Week 4                 Higher After School 4             Higher After School 4 Answers

Week 5                 Higher After School 5             Higher After School 5 Answers

Improving Learning & Teaching with Google Forms

Our Maths Department is looking at transforming the way in which we communicate with parents/carers. We plan to begin reporting regularly via email on where pupils feel they are at with their learning at various points throughout the session.

Our hope is that by giving our pupils more opportunities to reflect on their learning they will keep their target grade in their sights throughout the year and identify the steps they need to take in order to achieve their potential.

Each email ought to provide an opportunity for a learning conversation to take place at home and we would encourage this practice. We hope that this new approach puts parents in a more informed position and better enables them to continue supporting their child(ren) with their learning.

How it all works

Pupils will be asked by their teacher to complete online forms at set points throughout the year.

i) This information is then automatically fed into a spreadsheet for their teacher to analyse and future lessons and class discussions can flow from what is revealed.

ii) Simultaneously (as if by magic!) the information submitted is fed into a PDF template and is then automatically emailed to pupils (for their own records) and also to parents/carers.

I have created a couple of mock forms below to demonstrate how it all works. Fill them in yourselves and an email should shortly arrive in your inbox.

Target Form Demo

Topic Form Demo

Once set up it should all run effortlessly and it ticks every box as a system which improves

  • Tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Target setting
  • Self evaluation
  • Topic review
  • Early intervention
  • Parental engagement



Please leave any feedback, thoughts or ideas in the comment space below.