So you want to just pass Higher Maths and get a C???

Did you know that 65% of the marks in a Higher Paper are considered to be at Grade C level?

If you feel overwhelmed and out of your depth with one week to go until your exam then here is what I’d advise.

Work through the ‘minimum competence’ questions below. There are 4 examples for each type of question and so once you are happy with a question type, move on. Once you have completed these questions, only then should you move on to working through past exam papers.

Geometry Unit Practice

Algebra Unit Practice

Calculus Unit Practice

Trigonometry Unit Practice

Each set of questions contains answers at the end but I’ve prepared fully worked solutions for one of each question type. This will hopefully guide you through it.

Geometry Unit Solutions

Algebra Unit Solutions

Calculus Unit Solutions

Trig Unit Solutions

Hopefully you will find this helpful!


2014 -2017 Nat 5 SQA Past Papers now Hyperlinked

The SQA Papers below have been editited to include links to video tutorials on the topics being tested.

When you come across a question you are struggling with, simply click on the link provided to revise that particular topic and then reattempt the question concerned.

Nat 5 2017 Papers 1 and 2                   Nat 5 2017 Papers 1 and 2 Marking Scheme

Nat 5 2016 Papers 1 and 2                   Nat 5 2016 Papers 1 and 2 Marking Scheme

Nat 5 2015 Papers 1 and 2                   Nat 5 2015 Papers 1 and 2 Marking Scheme

Nat 5 2014 Papers 1 and 2                   Nat 5 2014 Papers 1 and 2 Marking Scheme


Hyperlinked Nat 5 SQA Past Papers

Attempting the SQA past papers is a great way of preparing yourself for the final exam. You will see the same question types and styles being used again and again.

You will (more than likely) come across questions you cannot do and so what I have done is adapt the SQA paper by adding links alongside each of the questions so that you can click to watch a specific tutorial video to revise that particular topic.

This will hopefully deal with any areas of weakness you may have and better prepare you for the final exam. So rather than just look up the marking scheme, you get your head round the topic first and then reattempt the question.

Last year’s paper is given below as an example of what I plan to do. Stay tuned for further updates.

Nat 5 2017 Papers 1 and 2           Nat 5 2017 Papers 1 and 2 Marking Scheme